Or it could just prove that you’re a terrorist threat.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

On paper, Thursday was a bad day for followers of the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon. A newly revealed FBI report warned that the theory’s followers presented a heightened risk for terrorism. Multiple popular predictions by QAnon followers also failed to materialize.

But for hardcore Q followers, the rough week won’t shake their faith.

The FBI memo, which was published in late May and first reported by Yahoo News, warned of the theory’s likelihood to “spread and evolve in the modern information marketplace.” So far, the warning has proven true. Despite a series of violent QAnon-inspired incidents and failed Q prophecies, movement followers still say they see nothing wrong with it, and even suggest that the FBI report is part of a conspiracy against them.

QAnon followers believe President Trump’s opponents are involved in a vast conspiracy of Satanic child sex-trafficking and cannibalism, and that Q, an anonymous poster on the forum 8chan, is actually a high-level military operative feeding them information on mass arrests that are totally coming this time around. The movement has been suspending its disbelief for nearly two years of unfulfilled promises of purges and revolutions.

They saved plenty of skepticism for the very real FBI memo. Maybe the FBI report was fake, a prominent Q peddler suggested on Twitter. (When asked about the memo, the FBI told Yahoo it “routinely shares information with our law enforcement partners.”)

Other Q followers on Twitter accused FBI Director Christopher Wray of acting against Trump, and suggested that he needed to be fired. A third set suggested the memo was actually good. This crowd claimed the memo was an elaborate ruse to trick the media into asking Trump about QAnon. (For reasons not entirely clear, many QAnon supporters believe that Trump supports QAnon but won’t speak openly about it unless asked by a reporter.)

Yeah, there is really nothing you can do for these people. 

They are lost to any sense of logic and completely resistant to any attenmpts to pull them back into reality. 

If you know any of them I would suggest cutting ties and staying as far away from them as humanly possible, because there is no telling what somebody this mentally unhinged is capable of doing.