Courtesy of Newsweek:

The clip featuring the self-proclaimed supporter of the far-right group was posted online by actor and blogger Walter Masterson and took place during a Trump rally in Staten Island, New York.

The Proud Boys supporter, who is not identified, describes how the group are “not brawlers” despite being known for their violent rallies and altercations with left-wing groups and movements such as antifa.

“But we’re there. We’re like the Marines, we’re the first to come in,” he adds.

When asked by Masterson how the Proud Boys reacted to Trump’s “stand back and stand by” comments he made during the televised presidential debate, the man said the group took that to mean the president is telling them to “wait for my orders.”

“And that’s exactly what we’re waiting for,” the supporter adds.

The clip then shows Masterson suggesting that Proud Boys are “not violent” before jumping to the supporter giving a warning as to what will happen if he does not win the election.

“If Trump doesn’t get re-elected, there’s going to be a riot. If he doesn’t get elected, this is when you’re going to see a civil war,” he adds.

“My recommendations to anyone stock up on ammo, get your guns.” The interview is then cut off and the video ends.

I had predicted earlier that after Trump tested positive for the Coronavirus that all of this talk of civil wars would come to an end. 

But since Trump’s doctors are somehow keeping him on his feet, I am not at all convinced of that anymore. 

If Trump manages to stay upright and seemingly symptom-free until the election, and then loses, then yes I think we are very likely to see violence in the streets.

I also predict that once various governors call out the National Guard to deal with that violence that these candy asses will scurry back into the shadows so fast that it will make your head spin.