Courtesy of Politicususa:

Activists for Trump are urging Republican voters to cross over and vote for Bernie Sanders in a show of support for the president.

The activists said, “We’ve waited since 2016 to vote again for Donald Trump. With no Republican primary, voters will have to wait until November to vote for our president, but there’s still a way that South Carolina Republicans can support President Trump….We’re asking South Carolina Republicans to show their support for President Trump by crossing over the Democratic primary and voting for Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

So I don’t think too many of us are surprised by this, hell even the Russians are helping Sanders in the primary. 

However it really only works if Democrats refuse to vote for Sanders if he wins the nomination, so we need to focus on urging people to go to the polls in November to cast their vote against Trump if they cannot bring themselves to vote for Bernie. 

Trust me, in 2004 I did not rush to the polls to cast my vote for charisma deficient John Kerry, but I voted my heart out against George W. Bush. 

If more people had been so inclined we could have avoided many of the problems that Barack Obama was forced to confront at the beginning of his administration four years later.