I would literally pay to watch this happen. 

Courtesy of Salon:

Bandy X. Lee, a professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine who serves as president of the World Mental Health Coalition, began warning about the dangers posed by the president’s mental health before his election. Lee then edited the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President” and convened a conference on the president’s mental health at Yale shortly after the president’s inauguration. She was recently joined by psychiatrists across the country in calling for the Judiciary Committee to convene a panel of mental health experts to weigh in on the ongoing impeachment proceedings.

Lee also “translates” some of Trump’s tweets on her own Twitter feed, which she described to Salon as a “public service.” Lee said she wants her “translations” to help readers see past Trump’s efforts to muddle reality with his “negative influence.” She recently “translated” Trump’s scorching six-page letter to Pelosi accusing her of trying to “steal the election” ahead of the House vote to impeach him in a Medium post.

Arguing that the letter effectively serves as a “confession,” Lee said that Trump’s letter was an example of the president projecting his own motives onto Pelosi. But Lee warned that Pelosi has not done enough to respond to the president.

“As a coworker, she has the right to have him submit to an involuntary evaluation, but she has not,” Lee told Salon. “Anyone can call 911 to report someone who seems dangerous, and family members are the most typical ones to do so. But so can coworkers, and even passersby on the street. The law dictates who can determine right to treatment, or civil commitment, and in all 50 U.S. states this includes a psychiatrist.

“The advantage of a coworker starting this process is that a court can mandate a mental capacity evaluation before the dangerous person returns to work,” Lee continued. “The committing physician is preferably the patient’s treater, but does not have to be.”

I actually do not think that you could force an evaluation like this on somebody in Trump’s position, but even if Pelosi announced she was doing this and then Trump publicly refused to cooperate it would be incredibly entertaining to watch. 

I have been pointing out for years that we are watching Trump have repeated psychotic breaks on Twitter, at his rallies, and in his responses to questions from reporters. 

It is both fascinating and terrifying to watch, but at this point, there is no denying that it is happening. 

Having said that I think that if Pelosi pulled the trigger on something like this it might be the thing that sends Trump right over a cliff and then his own people might feel that he needs the help of mental health professionals.  

I think it’s worth a shot.