Courtesy of The Week:

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jarrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) had just gaveled a hearing on the findings of the Intelligence Committee’s impeachment investigation into order when a protester silenced his opening statement. “Jerry Nadler and the Democrat party are committing treason in this country,” the protester alleged, going on to claim that “Trump is innocent!” as he was pulled out of the room.

The protester’s shouts to Nadler about how “Americans are sick of your impeachment scam!” was especially ironic given that he turned out to be Owen Shroyer, a known conspiracy theorist. Shroyer works for the right-wing program InfoWars, and is known for pushing the Pizzagate conspiracy that led a man to open fire in a Washington, D.C. pizzeria because he thought it was the center of a child sex ring run by associates of Hillary Clinton — a very false allegation that one might call a “scam.”

I think that the vast majority of Trump supporters are conspiracy theory believing right wing nuts. 

The rest are Republican politicians trying desperately to remain in office. 

There, of course, may be some overlap between the two.