Well that is some good news at least.

Courtesy of Reuters:  

British heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles, who had tested positive for coronavirus, is out of self-isolation after seven days and is in good health, his spokesman said on Monday.

Last week, his Clarence House office revealed that Charles, 71, had been tested after displaying mild symptoms of the virus and had been in self-isolation at his Birkhall home in Scotland where he had continued to work.

After consultation with his doctor, he is now out of self-isolation, Clarence House said. He will resume meetings and take exercise in accordance with government and medical guidelines.

However, his wife Camilla, who tested negative for coronavirus, will remain in self-isolation until the end of the week in case she too develops symptoms.

While there may be some Prince William fans that are a tad disappointed I am sure that most people in Britain are thrilled with the news. 

Personally I am very comforted when people survive the disease. 

Especially when they are in the Prince Charles age range.