Courtesy of Newsweek:

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley predicted that President Donald Trump is in “deep trouble” after a recent poll showed that 50 percent of respondents want the commander-in-chief impeached and removed from office.

Brinkley, who is a professor of history at Rice University and a best-selling author, made the remark during a Friday interview with CNN, in which he discussed the network’s latest impeachment poll that showed that support for the president’s impeachment and removal remained steady at the end of November compared to October. However, there has been a significant jump since the spring, when only 36 percent supported Trump’s impeachment.

CNN anchor John Avlon pointed out that looking back at previous impeachment proceedings for President Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, the trend was different. Polls in support of Nixon being impeached remained below 50 percent until August of 1974, the same month Nixon resigned. In the case of Clinton, support for impeachment never rose above 35 percent

“It just tells you what deep trouble Donald Trump’s in,” Brinkely assessed, responding to Avlon’s comments. “I mean, when you have 50 percent of the country wanting you – not just impeached – but removed from office, and the game hasn’t even gotten fast yet,” the historian continued, “I think when the vote’s taken by Congress to impeach him, and he’s wearing the eye on his chest, you’re going to see that movement grow even more.”

Brinkely said that the poll results “tells you he doesn’t have a lot of friends. He’s a base politician. He doesn’t know how to turn this around.”

I don’t know know if Trump realizes this but his only hope of surviving these impeachment proceedings lies with Fox News, and their ability to shape reality for their viewers. 

If these same hearings were happening in a time before Fox News Trump would already be toast and Mike Pence would have started his campaign to win the American people’s support for 2020. 

An election by the way that he would definitely lose. 

However with the help of Fox News Trump has managed to create a narrative that he is under attack from the Left and that their entire case is manufactured out of nothing and baseless. 

Just like the Republicans in Washington, if Fox News believes they have lost the ability to shape reality and that continued support for Trump will cost them viewers, they will pile on and start reporting the truth and then Trump is dead in the water. 

Roger Ailes created Fox News because he believed that Richard Nixon’s presidency would have survived if there had been a strong conservative news outlet supporting him. 

This is the test of that theory.