Courtesy of Reuters:

The president of the European Council on Saturday rebuffed Donald Trump’s suggestion that Russia be readmitted to the Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies, saying there were even more reasons than before for keeping Moscow out.

The U.S. president has said it would be “appropriate” to have Russia rejoin what used to be the G8, which Russia was excluded from in 2014 after it annexed Ukraine’s Crimea and then backed an anti-Kiev rebellion in the industrial region of Donbas in eastern Ukraine.

“One year ago, in Canada, President Trump suggested reinviting Russia to G7, stating openly that Crimea’s annexation by Russia was partially justified. And that we should accept this fact,” said Donald Tusk who, as president of the European Council, represents the EU’s 28 member states.

“Under no condition can we agree with this logic,” he added.

Earlier this week Germany, France and Britain also rejected the idea of inviting Russia back into the group.

Tusk said the reasons for Moscow’s ejection from the group remain valid and there have been new reasons since then for its continued exclusion, including “the Russian provocation on the Azov Sea”, an apparent reference to the detention of Ukrainian sailors last year.

“Second: when Russia was invited to G7 for the first time, it was believed that it would pursue the path of liberal democracy, rule of law, and human rights. Is there anyone among us, who can say with full conviction, not out of business calculation, that Russia is on that path?,” Tusk said.

I like how he added that “not out of a business calculation” part. 

That was definitely a message aimed directly at Trump that no amount of money can cover up for war crimes and genocide. 

Now here is a chilling tweet sent by intellignece expert Malcolm Nance in response to Tusk’s statement:

Jesus! If he is in fact right Trump might be on the precipice of not only screwing up this country for generations but of also dragging us into an alliance which places us in direct conflict with our historic allies. 

25th Amendment anyone?