Portland mayor proposes new ordinance aimed at reducing violence instigated by Right Wing thugs.

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Courtesy of Willamette Week:

Mayor Ted Wheeler proposed an emergency ordinance Monday afternoon that will allow Portland police to separate dueling protest groups that have turned the streets of downtown Portland into battlegrounds.

The new rules will allow officers to require protesters with a history of violence to gather in designated areas, where police will have an easier time keeping adversaries separated.

“I will not allow continued, planned street violence between rival factions to take place in Portland, Oregon,” Wheeler said at a press conference this afternoon. “I have also asked my staff to evaluate options to hold accountable those who recklessly drain our public safety resources by using our city as a venue for planned street violence.”

Wheeler says City Council will likely vote on the ordinance this week.

The change comes on the heels of a melee outside Kelly’s Olympian bar on Oct. 13, where the right-wing groups Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys brawled with antifascists. Police faced renewed scrutiny for failing to keep the two groups apart—and making no arrests during the mayhem.

Today, Wheeler said that prior to an Aug. 4 rally, the Portland Police Bureau discovered right-wing protesters who had positioned themselves on the roof of a building with a cache of firearms.

What began in the spring of 2017 as improvised confrontations in downtown parks—usually marked by insults and culminating in a punch or two—has grown into chaotic rolling brawls that rage the length of a city block. Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys have made Portland their primary destination for antagonizing masked antifascists.

Antifa has often taken the bait, throwing punches and deploying bear spray on helmeted right-wingers who use flagpoles as weapons. The fights, which often pit one unlucky person against half a dozen adversaries, are bloody beatings, drawing national scorn.

In my opinion, there is some blame to go around for both sides here, both the Proud Boys an AntiFa. 

However, it is also clear that one side is manipulating the other into engaging in violence that is more detrimental to the cause of those on the Left than it is to those on the Right. 

With these methods, these Right Wing thugs have managed to create enough physical conflicts to feed the Left Wing mob meme that Trump and his conservative allies are now using to frighten the Republicans into voting in this midterm. 

Look, I get it.

If this were thirty years ago I myself would be desperately wanting to jump into the fray and brawl with the Proud Boys in the streets. That would have been exhilarating to twenty-eight year old me. 

But it would also have been stupid. 

What we need now is to not take the bait, and to demonstrate restraint, even when we are pushed to our limits. 

Martin Luther King faced far worse than this and his cause succeeded because he and his compatriots did not succumb to the call of violence. 

twenty-eight year old me would never have understood this, but some victories you can’t just fight your way to.

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  1. Anon October 17, 2018 at 6:58 am

    Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

    “Paul Ryan has bragged that he has been thinking about cutting these programs since his frat days. He literally claimed that he was “dreaming” of ending Medicaid when he was “drinking at a keg,” adding, “I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a long time.”


  2. Anon October 17, 2018 at 7:32 am



    “The probes of Zinke cover his involvement in a Montana land deal tied to HALLIBURTON,
    allegations that he removed mentions of climate change from government reports, a $139,000 door, and improper usage of government vehicles….

    Let the women do the ‘DIRTY WORK’

  3. anonymous October 17, 2018 at 8:00 am


    “The Oregonian characterized the New York attacks as “a backdrop” for what occurred in Portland on Saturday night: The far-right group Patriot Prayer, whose leader Joey Gibson counts several Proud Boys among the ranks and as his bodyguards, marched through the streets and brawled with counter-protesters. Portland police reported seeing hard-knuckle gloves, knives, batons and firearms.” “Gibson had organized a “flash march for Law and Order” toward downtown, where Black Lives Matter activists and others had set up a memorial for police shooting victim Patrick Kimmons. One of the organizers noted on a Facebook Live stream: “We’ve got Proud Boys running security,”

  4. pick October 17, 2018 at 8:08 am


    Amazingly, “flotus” office put out a statement.

  5. Ambulance chasing October 17, 2018 at 10:26 am


    “Conservatives are authoritarians who have gone off the cliff into anarchy and vigilantism, both of which some Republicans in elected leadership egg on and even endorse at times, so long as the target is the Left.” ” This midterm, they’ve come up with “liberal mobs” and “antifa” coming to get everyone. In reality, the “liberal mobs” are angry about rape and jailed babies; they want a dialogue, they aren’t even carrying weapons, unlike the Tea Party in 2010.

    Right wing violence so far outweighs the Left, it’s difficult to understand why the media is dangerously playing the “both sides” game.”

  6. McInnes October 17, 2018 at 10:48 am


    “I started this gang called the Proud Boys,” McInnes says in the beginning of the video.

    “We will kill you,” he says in the next segment of the edited video. “That’s the Proud Boys in a nutshell.”

    “Can you call for violence generally? ‘Cause I am.”

    “Fighting solves everything. We need more violence from the Trump people.”

    “Trump supporters: Choke a motherfucker. Choke a bitch. Choke a tranny. Get your fingers around the windpipe.”

    “Get a fucking gun.”

    “Get ready to blow someone’s fucking head off.”

    “Get in trouble. Get arrested. Get fired. They can’t kill us all.”

  7. Anonymous October 17, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    Why don’t they require permits in the designated area and put some kind of deposit for security and police attached to it. If they are peaceful and no riot police are called they get a refund, if they riot the deposit pays for the riot police.

  8. San Antonio Mayor October 17, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    Julián Castro, former San Antonio mayor and U.S. secretary of housing and urban development in the Obama administration, was unusually open about his political ambitions, saying it is “likely” he will launch a White House bid. “I’m seriously considering it.”


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