Well, it certainly convinced the guy in the White House.

Courtesy of  VOA News

Russian efforts to weaken the West through a relentless campaign of information warfare may be starting to pay off, cracking a key bastion of the U.S. line of defense: the military.

While most Americans still see Moscow as a key U.S. adversary, new polling suggests that view is changing, most notably among the households of military members.

The second annual Reagan National Defense Survey, completed in late October, found nearly half of armed services households questioned, 46%, said they viewed Russia as ally.

Overall, the survey found 28% of Americans identified Russia as an ally, up from 19% the previous year.

Generally, the pollsters found the positive views of Russia seemed to be “predominantly driven by Republicans who have responded to positive cues from [U.S.] President [Donald] Trump about Russia,” according to an executive summary accompanying the results.

While a majority, 71% of all Americans and 53% of military households, still views Russia as an enemy, the spike in pro-Russian sentiment has defense officials concerned.

“There is an effort, on the part of Russia, to flood the media with disinformation to sow doubt and confusion,” Defense Department spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Carla Gleason told VOA.

“This is not only through discordant and inflammatory dialogue but through false narratives designed to illicit sympathetic views,” she said, adding, “we are actively working to expose and counter Russian disinformation whenever possible.”

Look I am an outspoken critic of the military habit of dehumanizing enemy combatants in order to make it easier for American soldiers to slaughter them without guilt, but I am also aware that it is important for our soldiers not be lulled into complacency when dealing with a threat to our national security. 

of course not all Russians are our enemies but those working for the Kremlin as spies, trolls, or influencers most certainly are our enemies. 

It is bad enough that the Russians have neutered the president and the Republicans if they manage to do the same to our military we are essentially left defenseless.