Let me warn you, this is hard to read.

Courtesy of The Independent

Babies were left without clean clothes after bouts of diarrhea and fed from the same unwashed bottle for days in US Border Patrol (USBP) custody, while many young children were left “totally fearful” by detention, according to a pediatrician who examined them.

Guards also prevented children from washing their hands or brushing their teeth and some two dozen showed signs of respiratory infections, Dolly Lucio Sevier found when she examined 38 children being held at USBP’s central processing center for migrants and asylum seekers in McAllen, Texas, known as Ursula.

She told The Atlantic that keeping children from washing was “tantamount to intentionally causing the spread of disease”. Children had not been permitted to bathe or change their clothes since crossing the border despite being held for up to a month, Dr. Sevier told the magazine.

Several children she examined, including a toddler who was panting hoarsely throughout, were “totally fearful but then entirely subdued in her presence”, she added – as opposed to young children in normal circumstances who, though they may be shy at first, “shouldn’t be fearful of a stranger”.

This Dr. Sevier took as evidence of trauma, “because [it] is such an unusual behavior”.

The doctor was blocked from entering the areas where children were locked up and believes she did not see the children most in need of medical attention. 

However, what she did see was clearly inhumane and indefensible. 

In my headline, I labeled these places concentration camps and this is how I will continue to label them until I am told the situation has changed by Democratic politicians or physicians who have been allowed to visit and interact with the human beings kept inside.