Still seems light to me.

Courtesy of USA Today:

Paul Manafort, the man who helped guide Donald Trump to the presidency, was sentenced to a total of more than seven years in federal prison on Wednesday after a judge added 43 months to the sentence he received in another case last week.

The pair of prison sentences marks the end of Manafort’s abrupt transformation from a globe-trotting political operative with mansions and lavish clothing to a frail-looking, wheelchair-bound, gray-haired inmate who, in his own words, had been “humiliated” by his changed circumstances.

Manafort, speaking from a wheelchair, told the judge: “I want to say to you now that I am sorry for what I’ve done.”

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson appeared unpersuaded. She said Manafort had spent much of his career “gaming the system,” that he cheated taxpayers so that he could maintain an extravagant lifestyle with “more suits than a man can wear, and that he remained unrepentant despite his apology. “Saying I’m sorry I got caught is not an inspiring plea for leniency.”

The judge also said this:

“It is hard to overstate the number of lies and the amount of fraud and the extraordinary amount of money involved,” Jackson said. And she blasted him for concealing his activities from the government and for lying to federal investigators after promising to cooperate with them.

“If people don’t have the facts, democracy can’t work,” she said.

Manafort was wheeled into court in a wheelchair wearing a suit and tie.

He apologized to the court and begged for leniency saying that he needed to care for his sick wife and asking that she not separate them, but the judge was not terribly moved.

She also has this to say about his attempts to placate Donald Trump.

Pretty clear that doing that was a tactic to curry favor with Trump in the hopes of getting a presidential pardon.

And do you know what, it probably worked? 

I would be floored if Trump did not give Manafort a pardon, after all, he was a good mafioso and did not rat on his boss. 

Update: It appears that Paul Manafort’s legal woes are far from over.

Important to note that Trump cannot pardon Manfort for these crimes id he is found guilty.