Courtesy of HuffPo:

North Carolina’s state legislative maps are so severely gerrymandered to benefit Republicans that they violate the state’s Constitution, a panel of three judges ruled Tuesday.

The ruling came in a closely watched case in North Carolina state court. State lawmakers have until Sept. 18 to draw new districts, the court said, and they won’t be allowed to take into account any data about election results.

Lawmakers will also be banned from using the existing maps as a “starting point” as they draw new maps and will be required to draw maps entirely in public view, the court ruled. Any computer screen the lawmakers use, the court said, has to be fully visible to lawmakers and public observers.

“Extreme partisan gerrymandering does not fairly and truthfully ascertain the will of the people,” the judges wrote. “Voters are not freely choosing their representatives. Rather, representatives are choosing their voters. It is not the will of the people that is fairly ascertained through extreme partisan gerrymandering. Rather, it is the will of the map drawers that prevails.”

Well this is certainly good news for democracy, and for the Democrats.

The Republicans will cheat in any way possible to hang onto power but if rulings like this were to catch on all around the country they would not have a snowball’s chance in hell. 

And before anybody dings me for partianship, yes I know that Democrats have also done this before, and it is wrong in those cases as well. 

I am for free and fair elections that truly represent the will of the people, which is why I also want the electoral college to be abolished.