He should have stuck with stalking the Palins.

Courtesy of The Morning Call:

Shawn Christy, the Schuylkill County man charged with making threats against President Donald Trump and Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, was found guilty Tuesday on all federal counts.

Jurors started deliberating shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday and gave their verdict on 11 counts five hours later.

Christy, 28, of McAdoo, who acted as his own attorney in a federal courtroom in Scranton and took the stand in his own defense Monday, had written that he would “put a bullet” in the heads of Trump and Morganelli and threatened “lethal force” against police, authorities charged.

Officials also said he fled in a stolen vehicle to New York and broke into several homes and businesses and stole other vehicles as he traveled through West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland and Ohio.

As we know one of those homes that Christy broke into belonged to Bristol’s ex Dakota Meyer. (Link)

All I can say it seems as if Shawn wanted to be locked up, or else the things he did simply do not make any sense. 

At the end of his trial, before his sentencing, Christy even turned to the jury and essentially threatened all of them as well:

“This body doesn’t stop until I’m dead,” he told the jury. “Just remember that.”

Oh yeah, that’s definitely going to help reduce your sentence. 

I mean, yeah I know he’s nuts, but this is a very self destructive version of nuts.