Interestingly these were all reported by one news outlet. 

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:

New Jersey State Police said they found firearms and ammunition inside the crashed car of Joseph Rubino, 57.

Rubino, from Lafayette County, lost control of the car and hit a tree on July 24 in Warren County, and was seriously injured along with another passenger who was with him, according to Newsweek.

In the process of taking from the motor vehicle in order to render medical treatment, law enforcement saw various firearms and weapons.

Among the items they seized from the car were a semi-automatic assault handgun, a 9mm semi-automatic assault pistol with a high-capacity magazine, a loaded 9mm pistol, and a stripped AR-15 bolt carrier, according to the complaint.

Police then obtained a search warrant for Rubino’s home, where they found 14 more firearms, including assault rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

They also found four high-capacity magazines, ammunition, a grenade launcher, silencer tubes and a ballistics vest.

Well it certainly sounds as if somebody were preparing for a violent encounter. Perhaps even a race war?

The police also found drugs and racist paraphernalia in Rubino’s home. 

This story was reported about four days ago, but the next one was reported yesterday.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

A man who allegedly called himself ‘Your Next Mass Shooter’ on Facebook and described the Columbine shooters as ‘lame’ has been charged with a felony.

Brian Groner, 26, of Jefferson City, Missouri, was jailed without bond after being charged with one count of making a terroristic threat.

He was arrested on Wednesday after at least ten people viewed his Facebook bio where he claimed to be a mass shooter, KRCG-TV reported.

The posting allegedly read ‘Your Next Mass Shooter. Columbine won’t have s*** on me,’ which now appears to have been deleted.

Groner expressed the chilling opinion that the Columbine shooters were lame for only killing twelve people and thought he could do much better. 

The next story about a potential murderer was also reported yesterday.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:

A disgruntled hotel employee, who had an enormous arsenal of weapons stashed at his home, has pleaded not guilty to threatening to shoot up his workplace after a colleague reported the alleged plan to their boss.

Rodolfo Montoya, of Huntington Beach, California, appeared in court on Thursday accused of plotting to murder his co-workers and guests in at the Marriott near Long Beach Airport, after cops discovered his cache of high-powered firearms – including two assault rifles, a pump-action shotgun and several pistols.

Montoya, 37, allegedly told a co-worker that he was angry and planned to open fire at work on anyone who crossed his path following an undisclosed dispute with his HR department, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Long Beach Branch heard.

But his plan was allegedly foiled when his colleague informed their manager, Imran Ahmed.

The boss then called the Long Beach Police Department who arrested him Tuesday and raided his home seizing the stockpile of weapons.

Montoya is due back in court September 6 and faces more than five years in prison.

Keep in mind that this is only three that have been recently reported. There are many others out there as well that are either about to be arrested, have been arrested, or will kill before they can be arrested. 

I would also like to point out that it does not apprear that these potenial killers have video games or mental illness in common. 

What they do have in common is easy access to weapons.

I am not sure if we are now learning about so many of these arrests because the police are more vigilant, because the press is paying more attention, or because there are simply more of these crazy people coming out of the woodwork. 

But I have my suspicions.