Guess which country is not among them.

So here is a list, and when the instituted the guidelines, courtesy of Aljazeera

Masks were already widely used in Asian countries like China, Japan, and Hong Kong, so they really kind of increased usage on their own.

Among the first countries besides them to adopt face masks was Venezuela in early March.

Vietnam made them compulsory on March 16.

The Czech Republic followed suit on March a8, and they were followed by Slovakia on March 25, and then Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 29.

The first countries to jump on board in April were Columbia and the United Arab Emirates on the 6th, as well as Cuba, Ecuador, and Austria.

Morocco and Turkey did the same on the 7th.

El Salvador trotted out the guidelines on the 8th, which is the same day that Chile made them mandatory only on public transportation.

On April 9, Cameroon imposed masks for people leaving their homes. A dozen more African countries followed suit soon after: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Zambia.

On April 12th Israel joined the party, and Poland was close behind on the 16th.

Luxembourg joined the club on April 20th, Jamaica on the 21st, and Germany and Bahrain on the 22nd.

Honduras made masks compulsory on May 3rd, Uganda on May 5th, and France on the 10th.

They were joined by Qatar, on May 17.

Spain saw the light by May 20th and was joined by South Korea and Lebanon on May 26th. 

Pakistan made the leap on May 3oth. 

So those are the countries that have listened to the science and made the obvious choice. 

As you may notice the US is nowhere to be found on that list, and yes we are currently the country with the largest number of infections as well as the largest death toll. 

So when you hear American politicians claiming they are doing everything they can to keep us safe from this pandemic feel free to openly laugh in their face.  

Whether you wear a mask or not while doing so, is apparently entirely up to you.