Well, he is the real “Law and Order” candidate.

Courtesy of Axios

Over 190 law enforcement officials on Friday endorsed Joe Biden for president, per a campaign statement.

The endorsements rebut a theme of the Trump re-election campaign, which has falsely claimed that Biden wants to defund the police. Both candidates this week traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin to address the shooting of Jacob Blake. Biden called for officers involved to be charged while Trump cracked down on protests that had turned violent.

It’s a blow to Trump, who’s sought to brand himself as the law-and-order candidate.

 “Joe Biden has always stood on the right side of the law and is offering a much needed vision for our Nation. When asked the question, would you feel safe in Joe Biden’s America? The answer is yes,” said Tom Manger, Retired Chief and former President of the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

“President Trump failed to protect America so now he is trying to scare America. I talk to law enforcement officers here in Arizona and all across the country: and none of them believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is re-elected,” said former Republican Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods.

I am surprised that it is only 190 or so. 

I mean how do you support Donald Trump as the “Law and Order” candidate when half of the people who ever worked for his campaign are in jail or under indictment? 

How many Obama/Biden people were indicted?

Oh, that’s right, none of them!

Do you know who endorses Donald Trump?

The police unions, who want their members to be able to break heads and shoot unarmed Americans without everybody making a big deal about it, that’s who. 

I’ll tell you what, electing Joe Biden will lower the crime rate almost immediately because it will force the removal of all of those lowlife criminals currently working in the Trump White House.