That is really disturbing.

Courtesy of Yahoo News

Just 22 percent of Americans believe this year’s presidential election will be “free and fair,” according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll — a disturbing loss of confidence in the democratic process that could foreshadow a catastrophic post-election period with millions of partisans refusing to accept the legitimacy of the results.

The survey, which was conducted from Sept. 15 to 17, found that both Republicans and Democrats harbor grave and growing doubts about whether the upcoming election will accurately reflect the will of the people.

Half of Trump supporters (50 percent) say the election will not be free and fair; more than a third of Biden supporters (37 percent) agree. Overall, the number of Americans who say the election will not be free and fair (46 percent) is more than twice the number who say the opposite. Another third (32 percent) say they’re not sure what to expect.

Although fears on the right and the left are different, the outcome could be the same, particularly if the contest is close: a winner viewed as fundamentally illegitimate by those who didn’t vote for him, and a democracy that suffers deep and lasting damage because of it.

The public is primed to distrust whatever happens on Nov. 3. More than a third of Americans (34 percent) think the coming election will be rigged in favor of one candidate or another, while just 24 percent reject this notion. A full 60 percent, meanwhile, believe at least some fraud will occur — and 34 percent think it will be enough to swing the outcome.

I hate to admit it but I am part of the 78% who expect some serious attempts to steal this election and I worry that the final result will be accurate. 

Donald Trump has so fundamentally broken this country that we have seemingly lost the ability to trust just about anything.