One of the Right Wing trolls recently banned from Facebook appears on show of another Right Wing troll banned from Facebook to complain about being banned from Facebook.

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It’s wrong that I get so much satisfaction from this, right?

I mean we should be kind and feel empathy for people, shouldn’t we?

But is that still true when it concerns a person who made a career out of attacking Muslims online, and live-streamed herself following Rep. Ilhan Omar around Minnesota and making Islamaphobic remarks? 

I mean there has to be a limit, don’t you think?

So should anybody really feel bad about these truly terrible people lost their access to a social media site? 

Besides in some ways, this feeds into their outrage machine.

Courtesy of The Independent:  

Members of the far right were so incredibly thrilled to finally have an “oppressive” thing to be oppressed about that they practically fell over themselves to proclaim it. The narrative of the “oppressed conservative” is a trope that dates back to the good old days of Richard Milhous Nixon, perhaps even before. This group of privileged white people have had an extremely difficult time keeping up with actual oppressed minorities and so they can often be found scouring the globe, looking for things to be offended by. Luckily for them, Facebook delivered just what the doctor ordered in the form of kicking off the really, really bad actors. Shortly after the ban, Twitter was on fire with deeply self-pitying hot takes by everyone from Ben Shapiro to Glenn Beck crying out against what they considered to be prejudice and censorship.

I would like to take a second right here to point out that Alex Jones is not just some right-wing pundit who is wrong about family leave or healthcare or voter rights. No, Alex Jones is famous for the following insane, outrageous, dangerous conspiratorial lies: the government is weaponizing the weather; chemicals are making frogs gay; Sandy Hook was staged and the murdered children were actually “crisis actors”; and, of course, everyone’s favorite: Hillary Clinton is running a child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza shop on Connecticut Avenue. And let’s not forget how Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi tortured the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich for months and months.

Yeah, these are not individuals who deserve even a second of our attention, much less our sympathy. 

Facebook and Twitter did us a long overdue favor by kicking some of the most toxic people on the planet to the curb where they belong. 

Like my mom used to say, good riddance to bad trash. 

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  1. Anonymous May 5, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    LOOK, honey, in case you haven’t figured it out quite yet, it’s called businesses and they are allowed to set their own rules.
    That it doesn’t meet with your guidelines to shoot your mouth off, get over yourself.

  2. Anonymus May 5, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    65K raised if you click on the link. Good LORD.

  3. Paul May 5, 2019 at 5:35 pm

    Loomer’s not ruined. To the contrary, this has raised her profile enough to get Donnie Dotard’s attention. Loomer has the “qualifications” to join Dotard’s administration, perhaps as head of Muslim immigration programs. Dotard might even nominate Loomer for a judgeship.

  4. Anon May 5, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    “CHAOTIC” is “Catholic” minus the “L”.

  5. BLM May 6, 2019 at 8:25 am

    FB>”Every time I say something about The South or Christianity, I get mail.

    (Note that I say plenty about other religions and The North as well, but I never get much push back on that)

    Anyway, here’s a delightful story about both The South AND Christianity.

    “I’m a Christian and my Christian beliefs are you don’t do interracial marriage. That’s the way I was brought up and that’s the way I believe. I have black friends, I hired black people. But when it comes to all this stuff you see on TV, when you see blacks and whites together, it makes my blood boil because that’s just not the way a Christian is supposed to live.”

    That was Hoschton, Georgia, town councilman Jim Cleveland, defending the town mayor who removed the application of a black candidate from employment consideration because “we’re not Atlanta. Things are different here than they are 50 miles down the road.”

    Different. And the more things change, the more they stay exactly the same.”< Jim Wright–politics/georgia-mayor-under-fire-for-alleged-remarks-about-black-job-candidate/Qr403ZLnF5VuB8CzpngLjP/amp.html?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR08Ys3Kf-XeuA76SRMQiWNaqvOViZ45O3Dq3crqElO5koQTEN5-7HlrPco–politics/georgia-mayor-under-fire-for-alleged-remarks-about-black-job-candidate/Qr403ZLnF5VuB8CzpngLjP/

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