And then there was one.

Courtesy of NBC News:

David Koch, billionaire conservative activist and philanthropist, has died. He was 79.

He and his brother, Charles, co-owned Koch Industries, a Nebraska-based energy and chemical company, since 1983. David stepped down from running the Koch organization last year due to declining health.

The Koch brothers helped to build a massive conservative network of donors for organizations that work to mobilize voters and sway elected officials in support of libertarian-leaning economic policies.

I do not like to speak ill of the dead , but there is no way to exaggerate the negative impact that David and Charles Koch had on the progress in Ameirca, 

They fought climate change legislation, workers compensation, health care reform, and threw piles of money at conservative think tanks and politicians who would fight any type of new taxes.  

I do not know what this changes about the upcoming election, but I know that if it has any effect it will be on the conservative side of the ideological aisle. 

I for one will not shed a tear.