I have said a few kind things about Dunleavy recently, yeah I’m all done with that now. 

Courtesy of KTUU:

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy spoke at the White House Thursday during an event where President Donald Trump made remarks on rolling back regulations.

Trump announced over the next eight weeks changes will come to current regulations.

According to the White Houses’ fact sheet, “The President’s Governors’ Initiative on Regulatory Innovation is working to reduce outdated regulations, advance occupational licensing reform, and align Federal and State regulations.”

Gray D.C. reporter Peter Zampa spoke with Governor Mike Dunleavy who said, “I think it’s pretty significant in what the president is doing in terms of bringing balance back to the regulatory process to the country and Alaska.”

Dunleavy spoke during the event saying President Trump has sparked hope for the American people.

“You’ve renewed hope that it is possible to achieve the American dream…you’ve restored hope and opportunity ”

Just in case people forgot that Dunleavy was a tried and true Trump supporter, here he comes to rub it in our faces. 

Dunleavy made a few smart choices early on during this pandemic, but now it appears he is all in on betraying Alaskans for that sweet, sweet conservative credibility. 

He needs to go, and he needs to go now not later.