That’s what I have been saying all along. 

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok said Sunday that he believed President Donald Trump was ‘compromised’ by the Russians.

‘I believed at the time in 2016 and I continue to believe that Donald Trump is compromised by the Russians,’ Strzok told NBC’s Chuck Todd on ‘Meet the Press.’ ‘And when I say that I mean that they hold leverage over him that makes him incapable of placing the national interest, the national security ahead of his own.’

On ‘Meet the Press,’ Strzok, a Russia expert, explained that being compromised by a power ‘takes a variety of forms.’

‘One of the largest ways that people in foreign governments gain leverage, certainly in the case of the president, is through financial entanglements,’ he said.

‘And I think when you take a look at the Trump financial enterprise, particularly its relationship with Russian, with Russian monies and potentially those related to organized crime and other elements, that those interactions have placed him in a position where the Russians have leverage over him and are able to influence his actions,’ the former agent continued.

Todd brought up how Trump’s original personal lawyer Michael Cohen – now out with an anti-Trump book – had been secretly working in 2016 on a Trump Tower Moscow project.

Additionally, he pointed to Rudy Giuliani’s travels to Ukraine in order to pressure the government there to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden, Trump’s political rival.

Giuliani was working with a Russian operative who ended up being sanctioned by the U.S. government.

‘What do those two facts tell you about the president?’ Todd asked.

Strzok said, ‘It tells me that he is surrounded by people who have a pervasive pattern of contact with the Russians, and not only contat, but contact that they’re hiding.’

Strzok pointed to the cases of Paul Manafort, who he said was ‘dealing with people affiliated with Russian intelligence services.’

And also campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn, the president’s first national security adviser, who both lied about their contacts with Russians.

‘It is not without exaggeration that there is no president in modern history who has the same broad and deep connections to any foreign intel service, let alone a hostile government like Russia,’ Strzok said.

Strzok answered ‘absolutely not’ when asked by Todd if he concluded there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia after reading the Mueller Report.

‘I concluded the opposite,’ Strzok said.

I said back during the impeachment investigation that I thought it was obvious that Trump and his campaign had colluded with Russia to win the election. 

And I have to say that the things that have happened since the trial and the release of the Mueller report have only made it even more obvious. 

This is why I can never respect the Republican party. 

During the 50’s they thought there were Commies hiding under their beds, during the ’80s the Russians were their favorite bogeyman to use when demanding that we increase our military might, but now that there is a bonafide Russian asset living in the White House, they suddenly start channeling Sgt. Schultz from “Hogan’s Heroes” and “See nothing, I see nothing!”