Courtesy of People:

Sarah Palin was characteristically candid when she was asked during an ABC News interview on Wednesday whether she thinks women in politics face more scrutiny than men.

“Heck yeah,” said the former Alaska governor, adding that she believes the 2008 Republican ticket — which she made history by joining as the vice presidential candidate alongside presidential nominee John McCain — made a mistake by focusing too much on her personality rather than her track record.

“Women face so much more scrutiny,” Palin, 56, told ABC.

“In a lot of sense, it was a lot about looks — you know, the physicality involved in serving in public office — which was ridiculous to me,” she said. “Whereas men, even today, aren’t under that kind of microscope.”

Palin said the “roll out” for the 2008 campaign “was pretty screwed up.”

“I was asked so often, ‘How are you going to do this with children?’ And, granted, I had just had a baby and another son who was heading off to war, and my daughter — my teenage daughter — who was pregnant,” she said.

“Yeah, we had kind of some typical family issues going on,” Palin said, laughing, before lamenting: “But I was asked so much about that.”

I have heard of the empty house syndrome but now that Todd and the kids have abandoned her the echo in that house where Palin filmed this interview is almost deafening. 

I see she is still playing the victim and promoting those lies about her family and herself that she first told way back in 2008. 

You guys remember 2008, right?

That was back when we actually thought this idiot was relevant.