It’s the newest Right-Wing outrage that all the kids are talking about.

Courtesy of Fox News:

Several voters in Maricopa County, the largest in Arizona, brought a lawsuit Wednesday against Democratic County Recorder Adrian Fontes, the county Board of Supervisors and others, claiming that the use of Sharpie permanent markers at some polling sites left ballots too damaged to be counted.

After an investigation was opened into the matter by Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich in Arizona, county and election officials have sought to reassure voters who may have used such a marker.

Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, whose office oversees elections statewide, told Arizona’s in-person voters that their regular ballot would be counted, no matter what kind of pen was used to fill it out.

Rumors about Sharpies or other writing tools and ballots have circulated across the country, including in the city of Chicago and the states of Michigan, Massachusetts and Connecticut, according to Reuters.

Maricopa County officials had tweeted earlier that the markers are “not a problem for our tabulation equipment, and the offset columns on ballots ensure that bleed-through won’t impact [votes].”

Okay, so I have a question?

Do the Trump supporters think that only THEY are the ones who have been given these markers? 

You know maybe they are just upset because they were not offered crayons which is what they typically use to fill in spaces, or sign their names on documents, etc.. 

Just once I would like to see the Right Wing freak out about something that actually deserves a freakout, you know, like climate change or the lack of camouflage underwear at Walmart.