Everything about Trump is phony.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

“I had to attend many of these rallies when I worked on the campaign and even in the White House,” Newman told Sharpton Sunday. “There are these section leaders who start the chant, control how long the chants go and quiet them down when they want to.”

She explained that these organized “section leaders” are embedded in the rally crowd themselves.

“In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that Vice President Pence’s nephew, John Pence, is one of the big coordinators of these rallies,” she continued. “And so this is how closely these rallies are coordinated with also what’s going on in the White House. John Pence is a very big key player in the campaign, but he’s particularly responsible for all of the staging and choreography of the campaigns and, yes, they are very much orchestrated and manufactured to get the outcome that we saw from Donald Trump saying go back to your countries that you came from and if you don’t love it, leave it.”

She explained that all of it is coordinated and manufactured “to stoke fear in this country and we’ve seen it, we feel it, and they’re going to continue on because they believe it’s a winning strategy.”

Sharpton wondered if he has people who can shut down chants in the audience, why they didn’t do that during the North Carolina speech.

“He stood there for 13 seconds,” Sharpton said.

“If he wanted to shut it down, he would have looked to his right which is where the lead is standing, and he would have given a signal,” Newman explained. “They would have been shut down immediately. The way that he stepped back and he basked in the glow of these ugly chants, it indicated to the section leaders to let them keep going, to stoke them up, to keep it going.”

It is really not that uncommon to have folks planted in the audience to start chants or applause at certian times during a speech.

That is the show business part of politics. 

But that also means when that chant of “Send her back” started during that rally it is extremely likely it was preselected by the campaign staff ahead of time, and also signed off on Trump himself, especially since it so closely reflected what he had said earlier. 

That is why Trump stopped to bask in their hatred during the chant.

It was the hatred that he himself had orchestrated.