Right after the attacks Trump tweeted this out:

Trump did not identify who “the culprit” was but Secretary of State Pompeo left no doubt.

Courtesy of CNN:

On Saturday, coordinated strikes on key Saudi Arabian oil facilities — among the world’s largest energy production centers — disrupted 5% of the daily global oil supply. Yemen’s Houthi rebels took responsibility for the attacks, but they are often backed by Iran.

A day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for the attack on Saudi oil facilities and argued there is “no evidence the attacks came from Yemen,” a senior administration official briefed CNN on information to back up Pompeo’s claims. Pompeo did not provide evidence, but the official pointed to satellite imagery provided to CNN showing the oil facilities were struck from the northwest, suggesting an attack from Iraq or Iran, among other information.

Short said Monday he’s “quite confident” that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will release evidence backing up his claim that Iran was behind the attack on an oil facility in Saudi Arabia.

It should be noted that Yemen and the Saudis have been engaged in an on-again-off-again conflict since the 1930s. 

You can read more about that on this Twitter thread.

The fighting on both sides has been horrific, and the loss of life staggering. 

Out of desperation the Houthis have reached out to Iran and have received support from that country over the years, but to suggest that this attack was directed by the Iranians is to jump to a conclusion not yet supported by the facts. 

For Trump to use terms like “locked and loaded” in a tweet is the very definition of irresponsible and could lead to multiple deaths even if he does not follow through on his end. 

Here is how Iran responded to that careless use of language:

On Saturday, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, rejected the accusation that Iran was behind the attack.

“Such blind accusations and inappropriate comments in a diplomatic context are incomprehensible and meaningless,” he said, adding, “even hostility needs a certain degree of credibility and reasonable frameworks, US officials have also violated these basic principles.”

To be blunt the Trump Administration currently lacks any credibility. 

Combine that fact with the fact that they have been making unfounded allegations against Iran since Trump took office, and you have a potentially volatile situation in which America will likely receive little benefit of the doubt and the world will likely trust the Iranians over the US government. 

Even if the Iranians did this the US is in no position to respond militarily and seriously how many more sanctions do we have left to implement? 

Trump has essentially rendered our country impotent.