And so she complained about it on Facebook.

Courtesy of Newsweek:

An Ohio state representative said she was told to leave the Gettysburg Museum in Pennsylvania on Thursday after she and her husband refused to wear face masks in the building.

The Republican state lawmaker said the pair’s tickets were refunded after they declined to wear the protective gear, despite the Gettsyburg Foundation website clearly warning visitors that face coverings are mandatory.

Posting on social media about the incident, Rep. Keller also called requirements to wear face masks “unconstituional” and suggested Americans were “losing their rights” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to her followers in a Facebook video, State Rep. Keller said: “We were asked to leave the Gettysburg welcome center because we refused to wear a face mask. This is not the law in Pennsylvania, nor yet in Ohio where I’m from, and it is an unconstitutional idea that our leaders have come up with.

“We chose not to cause a problem to the administrators of the Gettysburg welcome center, rather we got a refund on our tickets to go through the museum, and we left.”

The state lawmaker then went on to claim that Americans were “losing our rights” and called on others to “stand up to those who would diminish your freedoms” in her response to being asked to wear a face mask.

I know what you are thinking because I thought it too, but her first name is Candice, not Karen. 

She is in fact the same lunatic who back in 2019 blamed a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio on “drag queen advocates.”  

So, you know, she has always been several chess pieces shy of a full set. 

I have to ask, exactly where does the GOP find these people?

Oh, well that makes sense.