Courtesy of Politicususa:

An Ohio lawmaker wants to prosecute President Donald Trump for crimes against humanity. The Democrat has called on The Hague to take action over Trump’s hydroxychloroquine claims.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Ohio state Rep. Tavia Galonski said on Twitter.

“I’ve been to The Hague. I’m making a referral for crimes against humanity tomorrow.”

Galonski cited the President’s Sunday press conference where he once again touted the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in fighting Covid-19.

While I completely understand this lawmaker’s anger and outrage, I also know that this will not amount to a damn thing. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still support her moving forward with it, I just realize that if being impeached did not slow this lunatic down that being charged with crimes against humanity will not even cause a ripple in his day. 

Besides, since when did psychopaths ever care about humanity?