Oh, this is bad!

Courtesy of CNN:

Stanley Johnson, the father of incoming prime minister Boris, has told CNN he thinks his son will get along with US President Donald Trump -- but warned that the relationship cannot be subservient.

"They have the same hairstyle," he told CNN's Bianca Nobilo in a lively interview outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster. "I think they will get on.” He added: "We’re going have to be careful not to be too slavishly geared toward America," and insisted that "building bridges" with Europe after Brexit will also be crucial.

He also shared some more foreign policy advice for his son, saying that he would go to Brazil and ask its President Jair Bolsonaro, "what on Earth are you doing trashing these rainforests?"

Yes Johnson and Trump share some very troubling attributes besides simply the crazy hairstyle. 

They are both known for playing fast and loose with the facts, using immigrants to scaremonger, seem to make things up as they go along, and embarrass the shit out of their countries. 

In short, Britain now has its very own version of Donald Trump. 

We are well and truly fucked now.