Poor babies.

Courtesy of The Atlantic

As speakers mounted their defenses of the president, it seemed apparent that supporters were cheering them on as a means of affirming not just Trump, but also themselves. Because to accuse a politician of holding virulent racist beliefs is also, if only implicitly, to condemn his or her voters of harboring those same tendencies.

And that’s what the rally-goers I spoke to last night seemed most nonplussed by—not so much that Trump had been roundly condemned in recent days as a racist, or a bigot, but that they, by virtue of association, had been as well. But rather than distancing them from Trump, the accusations have only seemed to strengthen their support of this president. To back down, they suggested, would be to bow down to the scourge of political correctness.

“We’re all tired of being called racists,” a 74-year-old bespectacled white man named Richard Haines told me. “You open your mouth, you’re a racist. My daughter is a liberal, and she’s [using the word] all the time. We don’t talk politics; we can’t—all the time she always accuses me of hate.”

Haines, who told me he had just returned to the United States from Thailand, where he had done missionary work for 15 years with impoverished children, said that he knew what real racism looked like—that his father was a “bigot” who “didn’t like black people.”

“Donald is not racist, you know?” Haines said. “He makes a statement, and they take the words out of context and try to twist everything so that he’s a racist. And I think it’s gonna backfire.”

Nobody has to twist Trump’s words to paint him as a racist, all they have to do is listen to them. 

When he calls African countries “Shitholes,” or mocks Elizabeth Warren with “Pocohontas,” suggests that youg black men wrongfully accused of rape should be put to death, or says in response to violent white supremacist attacks on counter protesters that there were “very fine people on both sides,” there is no need for word twisting. 

These people are just upset that their racism has been exposed by their support of this white nationalist POS. 

There are brown babies ripped from their mother’s arms languishing in cages right now, so as far as I’m concerned these racist sympathizers can take their hurt feelings and shove them right up their ass.