Apparently gaslighting is going to permeate every corner of our public discourse.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

Officials with the National Rifle Association told an Australian far-right group to “shame” anti-gun activists in order to win public-relations battles after gun massacres. Representatives of Australia’s One Nation party reportedly sought advice from the U.S. gun lobbyist on how to go about loosening their country’s very strict gun laws. Al Jazeera secretly recorded meetings between representatives of the NRA and One Nation in Washington, D.C. in September last year, where the NRA officials offered advice on how to manipulate media coverage. The best method to handle media inquiries in the wake of a massacre was to “say nothing,” according to Catherine Mortensen, an NRA media liaison officer, on the video. But if the media inquiries about gun control persist, another NRA comms official, Lars Dalseide, said to “shame them to the whole idea,” adding: “If your policy, isn’t good enough to stand on itself, how dare you use their deaths to push that forward? How dare you stand on the graves of those children to put forward your political agenda?”

Apparently, this aggressive approach is designed to keep activists and media types off balance and on the defensive in order to stop them from asking embarrassing questions or bringing up statistics that the NRA would rather keep on the down low. 

Here is Al Jazeera’s report.

Jesus, is this what the gun debate has been reduced to?