Well, that answers that question.

Courtesy of Radar Online:

Willow Palin Opens a New Window. was ditched by her own sister at the last minute on her wedding day after the two got into a massive fight, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Sources exclusively spilled to Radar that Willow, 24, spent Saturday, September 29 saying “I do” to Ricky Bailey in Alaska, but her big sis Bristol wasn’t there to witness it!

Drama before the wedding exploded on Friday, when Bristol, 27, blew up at the bride-to-be after she learned their bad-boy brother, Track Opens a New Window. , 29, was invited.

“Bristol started a huge fight with Willow because her kids aren’t supposed to be around Track,” a source close to the Palins told Radar.

The source added that Bristol’s ex-husband, Dakota Meyer Opens a New Window. , banned their children from speaking with Track months ago. As Radar readers know, Track ultimately didn’t make it to Willow’s wedding because he was arrested for domestic violence the night before the wedding.

The source said Bristol was so angry about Track’s invitation that her sister that she refused to stand by her side as her bridesmaid.

“Bristol was supposed to give a speech at the wedding Opens a New Window. ,” the source said. “Instead she packed up her kids and left, leaving Willow behind.

And in the end, it did not make any difference anyway because Track was cooling his heels in jail.

I don’t get to give Dakota Meyer too many compliments, and let’s face it’s not like he deserves many, but good for him in putting his foot down to protect his kids. 

Track is clearly unhinged and poses a constant threat to friends and family, and that includes small children who may be present when he “loses it.” 

It’s too bad that Bristol had to miss her sister’s wedding, but I think that she made the right call. 

Oh crap! Did I just say something nice about Bristol as well?

Oh well, she has to get something right once in a while.