Sounds like a capital idea. 

Courtesy of The Hill:

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, on Sunday said he would “love” to be a witness in the Senate’s upcoming impeachment trial as Democrats press for further information about his and the president’s dealings in Ukraine.

“I would love to see a trial. I’d love to be a witness — because I’m a potential witness in the trial — and explain to everyone the corruption that I found in Ukraine, that far out-surpasses any that I’ve ever seen before, involving Joe Biden and a lot of other Democrats,” he said on John Catsimatidis’ radio show.

“I have those facts. I have those witnesses. I have documents, and I have recordings. And I would love to get them out in public, because everyone is trying to suppress them to protect Joe Biden,” he said.

I literally cannot think of too many things more entertaining than watching Giuliani sqirming like snake on a hot rock while being grilled on national television by Senate Democrats. 

He has spent too long on Fox News fielding soft ball questions and is ill prepared for the type of interogation he would face in an impeachment trial. 

Yeah, I very much would like to watch that.