And they don’t get a refund either. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Northeastern University has dismissed 11 students after they were found violating the school’s public health protocols, the school said in a statement.

The students were part of the Program, a study abroad experience for first-year students, the university said. The program was modified because of the coronavirus pandemic, and over 800 students are staying in two-person rooms at a Westin Hotel less than one mile from the school’s main campus in Boston, Massachusetts.

The 11 students were found together in a room at the Westin on Wednesday night, the school said. The students and their parents were told Friday they must vacate the hotel within 24 hours and that they are required to undergo Covid-19 testing at Northeastern.

The students will not receive refunds on any payments made for the fall semester, according to the university. They have the right to contest their dismissal at an expedited hearing, the school said.

“Northeastern and its community of students, faculty, and staff take violations of health and safety protocols very seriously,” said Madeleine Estabrook, senior vice chancellor for student affairs at Northeastern. “Cooperation and compliance with public health guidelines is absolutely essential … Testing negative for COVID-19 is not enough.”

Northeastern said the students were told several times last week they need to practice social distancing, avoid crowds and wear masks when around other people.

I think if I were one of these parents I would be far more pissed off at my kid rather than at the school. 

I mean yeah it would suck to lose all of that money, but on the other hand, if my offspring was this stupid it would embarrass the crap out of me. 

After all, these are young adults they should absolutely know better.