Way to join the rest of the 21st century North Carolina. 

Courtesy of CNN:

North Carolina moved Friday to protect the state’s youth from “conversion therapy,” prohibiting state funding from being allocated toward the practice that claims sexual orientation can be changed, an idea that has been discredited by medical associations across the country.

In an executive order signed Friday, Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper barred the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services from using state and federal funds for “conversion therapy” for North Carolinians under the age of 18.

“Conversion therapy has been shown to pose serious health risks, and we should be protecting all of our children, including those who identify as LGBTQ, instead of subjecting them to a dangerous practice,” Cooper tweeted shortly after signing the order.

Equality groups across the state applauded the move, which aligned North Carolina’s policies with the consensus among leading medical and mental health professional organizations.

It was not that long ago that being gay was still considered a mental illness, but we have made great strides since then in educating people.

However conversion therapy is only illegal in about 18 states so there is still so much more work to do.