Courtesy of Raw Story:

“Now as to the justification,” said Swalwell. “The justification is that the Obama administration only provided blankets, so the Ukrainians should be grateful, even after being shaken down, that the Trump administration provided more, but the truth, Ms. Cooper, is that under the Obama administration and the European Reassurance Initiative, $175 million were provided from U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Ukrainians, is that right?”

Sir, I don’t have that figure,” said Cooper. “The figure that we typically use is to say we’ve provided $1.6 billion to date, but I don’t have the breakdown in front of me.”

“And the Obama administration also trained five military battalions of the Ukrainians, is that correct?” Swalwell added.

“Again, I don’t have the figures in front of me, but yes, the training program began in the Obama administration, and we did train many forces,” said Cooper.

“And under the Obama administration founded Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative provided to the Ukrainians were armored Humvees, tactical drones, night vision devices, armored vests, and medical equipment, is that correct?” asked Swalwell.

“Those all sound like pieces of equipment that were provided in the Obama administration, to my recollection,” said Cooper.

“You would agree that’s a lot more than blankets, right?” asked Swalwell.

“Yes, sir,” said Cooper.

That statement about the Obama Administratoin and the blankets has been burning my ass since the very first time I hears, but until now I could not locate the evidence needed to refute it. 

There are multiple lies being promoted by the House Republicans and there is literally not enough time to refute them all,  but this one, this one, needed to be stomped into a mudhole.