This is a scurrilous lie spread by the anti-abortionists. 

Courtesy of People Magazine:

The vast majority of women who get an abortion — 99 percent — feel that their choice was the correct decision five years later, a new study finds.

Researchers at the University of California at San Francisco sought to track the emotions of women in the weeks, months and years after they have an abortion in a wide-ranging study of 667 women from 30 spots around the U.S., published Sunday in the journal Social Science & Medicine.

In addition to asking women if they made the correct decision, researchers asked the women more about their feelings beginning one week after their abortion and then twice a year for the next five years, finding that regardless of how they initially felt — positive or negative — those emotions lessened to a more neutral level over time.

In that first week, 51 percent of women had positive emotions about their abortion, 17 percent felt negative emotions, and 20 percent said they had none or few, The Washington Post reported. Five years later, 84 percent felt positive emotions or none at all about their abortion, just 6 percent felt negatively and there was “no evidence” of newly formed positive or negative emotions.

“A really interesting finding is how the intensity of all emotions is so low,” said Corinne Rocca, lead author of the study and a UCSF associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences, according to the Post.

The women also felt more confident in their decision to have an abortion. In the first week after their abortion, 95 percent of women felt that they had made the right decision, and five years later, it was up to 99 percent.

It was also revealed by the article that about 70 percent of women felt a stigma attached to their decision and so did not share it openly.

I would add to this that I have known about four women, one who I was in a relationship with at the time, who did talk openly about their decision to have an abortion and that none of them expressed any regret. 

All of them by the way,  were mothers.