Don’t tell me children don’t die from this. 

Courtesy of CNN:

A 9-year-old girl with no known underlying health conditions is the youngest person to die from coronavirus complications in Florida, officials said.

Kimora “Kimmie” Lynum died on July 18 in Putnam County, according to Florida Department of Health records. It confirmed her identity and said she’s the state’s youngest coronavirus fatality.

She had no pre-existing health issues and her mother took her to the hospital due to a high fever, said family spokesman Dejeon Cain. 

The hospital sent her home and she collapsed a short time later, Cain said.

“She was always happy and made everybody happy. She was phenomenal,” said Cain, who’s also her cousin.

The family does not know how or where she was infected. She appeared healthy and spent the summer at home, and did not attend school or camp, Cain said.

So a perfectly healthy child, with no preexisting conditions, just up and dies from a virus that we keep being told rarely affects children. 

Well, it certainly affected this one. 

What’s more, the family has no idea when and where this little girl was exposed to the virus.

This reminds us again that even those without symptoms can still spread the disease.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:

A Texas man died from coronavirus after his granddaughter unknowingly contracted the virus at a party she attended before visiting him.

Dr. Joseph Chang told local news outlet WFAA that the “20-something-year old” was infected with the virus after attending a party with her friends. She then visited her 80-year-old grandparents before showing any symptoms.

The three family members were admitted to the intensive care unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas where she was treated by Chang, the hospital’s chief medical officer.

The girl was intubated and unconscious for 10 days, Chang told WFAA. When she regained consciousness, she found out that “her grandfather had passed the day before she woke back up,” Chang said.

So now this 20-year-old woman, who I am sure believed she would suffer few harmful effects from the virus, is responsible for killing her grandfather.  

Because that is how this virus takes advantage of the ignorance of their hosts. 

And yet with all of this going on, we are being urged to send our children into enclosed classrooms for in-person instruction where the virus will have a smorgasbord of new victims to infect. 

No thank you.