Tonight really is all about the three candidates pictured above.

And of the three Joe Biden has the most to lose, and perhaps the most to win. 

Currently there are a number of centrist Democrats, like himself, who are much younger and they are not doing so well in the polling. 

Biden is still at the top due to his name recognition, but the policies he embraces are not polling quite as well. 

If Americans really want to play it safe and choose the candidate who can beat Trump and still maintain the Democratic status quo, then Biden is a shoo-in.

However if the Democratic party really is moving to the left, Biden may be shunted aside for a more liberal leader with big ideas like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. 

His performance tonight may plant him permanently in that number one spot or see him struggle and lose ground against his younger more intellectually vigorous opponents. 

As usual I will update this post as new information becomes available. 

Update: Not an auspicious start.

Never let your opponent see your weakness. 

Update 2: Cory Booker goes for the jugular. 

He does have a point. Biden needs to stop riding on Obama’s coattails and start bragging on his own accomplishments. 

But not the one that sent more African Americans to prison.

Update 3: I bet they are all going to do this. 

Personally, I would throw everything away and start over.