Oh yeah he is all tied up in this.

Courtesy of WaPo:

House Democrats released new documents Friday evening showing extensive contact between an associate of President Trump’s personal attorney and an aide to the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee regarding the effort to obtain material from Ukrainian prosecutors that would be damaging to former vice president Joe Biden.

The text messages between Lev Parnas, who functioned as Rudolph W. Giuliani’s emissary to Ukrainian officials, and Derek Harvey, an aide to Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, indicate Nunes’s office was aware of the operation at the heart of impeachment proceedings against the president — and sought to use the information Parnas was gathering.

The newly released texts show that Parnas was working last spring to set up calls for Harvey with the Ukrainian prosecutors who were feeding Giuliani information about Biden.

“Also do you want to interview the general prosecutor who got [ditched] by Biden ? Also the anti corruption prosecutor ? Let me know,” Parnas wrote on April 19.

“Does tomorrow work?” Harvey responded.

The messages also show that Harvey met with Parnas and Giuliani at the Trump hotel in Washington.

I think most of us here at IM know Devin Nunes well as the douchebag who is constantly attempting to obstruct any investigation into Trump’s wrongdoing while also suing everybody who dares criticize him for it. 

I would have to say that learning Devin Nunes was all tied up in this Ukraine scandal is probably the least surprising thing I have heard all week. 

Speaking of Nunes’ litigiousness here is the letter that Ted Lieu wrote back to his lawyer aftter Nunes threatened to sue him for saying that he conspired with Lev Parnas to undermine our government.  

Now that is a great letter.