Newly identified Russian troll accounts on Twitter have been linked to Qanon and are pushing Right Wing conspiracy theories.

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You don’t say.

Courtesy of NBC News

A new batch of troll accounts identified by Twitter as having ties to Russia’s propaganda operation revealed an emphasis on promoting far-right conspiracy theories such as Qanon to Americans.

Twitter announced Thursday the removal of 418 accounts tied to the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency, the disinformation group whose employees were indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller last February for attempted election interference.

The accounts’ tweets featured the hashtag #MAGA, usually in support of President Donald Trump, almost 38,000 times — the most of any hashtag. #ReleaseTheMemo, a social media campaign pushed by allies of the president last year that aimed to discredit some members of the FBI, was tweeted 37,583 times.

In all, the 400-some accounts tweeted more than 900,000 tweets.

At the time, close allies of Trump brushed off suggestions that #ReleaseTheMemo, which trended on Twitter, was boosted by Russian influence. “Russian trolls have nothing to do with releasing the memo. That was a vote of the intelligence committee,” counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said last February.

Some now-purged users spammed Twitter with tweets repeating the hashtag “#ReleaseTheMemo.”

When removing the spam-style messages that included multiple hashtags, the second-most tweeted topic for the Russian troll accounts was #Qanon, a baseless conspiracy theory that claims Mueller and Trump are secretly working together to take down a global pedophile ring run by celebrities and Democratic politicians.

#GreatAwakening and #FollowTheWhiteRabbit, which are catchphrases for #Qanon followers, also featured prominently in the Russian trolls’ tweets.

You know at this point it is almost impossible to decide where the legitimate Right Wing trolls end and the Russian internet bots begin. 

Assuming of course that there is still a difference. 

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  1. Anonymous February 3, 2019 at 6:54 am

    Remember Dr. Rear Adminral Ronnie Jackson? Well, Trump has appointed his former doctor to be his assistant and chief medical advisor. Oh, and he’s going to re-nominate Jackson for a second star.

    Is this push a pay off for services rendered or does Trump just like criminals and pussygrabbers? Jackson is still under investigation by the Pentagon for professional misconduct.

  2. Anonymous February 3, 2019 at 10:29 am

    Almost everything that is said to seed discontent about america is of russain orgin. Russia has long been seeding this discoarse and is now reaping the benefits. May donald trump and his friends who helped with treason for money go to hell.

  3. anon February 3, 2019 at 10:37 am

    ?~Is Whatevs the Jacka$$ 1

  4. Anonymous February 3, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    I knew Q was of russain orgin also. You know america was getting along just fine until putin put his pawns into play.all of a sudden seemingly out of the blue we had sanders, stien, trump. Looking back it is obvious a play had been put into action to take out democracy so american and russain oligarchs to exploit our resources so everyone who are complicit in this all encompassing scam.

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