Jacinda ain’t having any of that shit!

Courtesy of The Independent

Jacinda Ardern called the blunder an “unacceptable failure” and said: “It should never have happened and it cannot be repeated.”

The two arrivals, both New Zealand citizens from the same family, flew into the country to visit a dying relative and were granted an exemption to leave their mandatory 14-day quarantine early on compassionate grounds.

They then travelled in a private car from the quarantine hotel in Auckland to Wellington, where they tested positive for coronavirus.

Health officials are scrambling to trace 320 “close contacts” of the women, including passengers on their flight from the UK and other travellers who were quarantined with them at a hotel in Auckland, as well as hotel staff and flight crew. The two women are now isolating with a relative.

Before the two new cases were announced on Tuesday, it had been more than three weeks since New Zealand reported any new infections. Ms. Ardern said the new cases did not affect the country’s Covid-free status.

In America, I would be worried about giving the military the power to control the borders but in New Zealand’s case, I think this is a reasonable response to a breach of their carefully coordinated efforts to keep the country Coronavirus free.

I also think that all of us should be comparing our leaders, both in our individual states and our country as a whole, to Jacinda Ardern and calling them out for having failed us. 

Every single governor, of every single state, could have adopted the same methodology adopted by the New Zealand Prime Minister. 

It may have presented some different challenges but overall it would have delivered similar results and every citizen currently in those states could be walking around knowing they were safe from the pandemic that running roughshod all over the rest of the world. 

And if the federal government had acted as quickly, just imagine the number of lives that could have been saved. 

All of us deserved a leader like Jacinda Ardern, and none of us got one.