I now think that New Zealand is a magical place that can do anything that it wants to. 

Courtesy of Renew Economy:

The New Zealand Labour party has committed to an accelerated transition to 100 per cent renewable electricity, bringing the target forward to 2030 as part of the party’s pitch to voters ahead of an October election.

New Zealand prime minister, and Labour leader, Jacinda Ardern said that the party would bring forward the 100 per cent renewable electricity target by five years, along with an investment push to electrify New Zealand’s transport and industrial sectors.

The policy platform will include almost $120 million in additional funding for clean energy research and support for industries to decarbonise, as well as a nation-wide roll-out of hydrogen refuelling stations to support the uptake of zero emissions vehicles.

“Labour is planning properly for New Zealand’s future energy needs. We need to take steps right now and also plan 30 years ahead to ensure New Zealand has stable, sustainable and affordable energy while also protecting jobs and industries. This policy does that,” Ardern said.

New Zealand already produces a significant proportion of its electricity from renewable sources, with large existing developments of hydroelectric plants, along with contributions from wind and geothermal power stations.

As I said at the top I am extremely impressed with New Zeland and especially their prime minister Jacinda Ardern so I have little doubt they can meet this goal. 

I am just hoping that under Joe Biden America gets its shit together and tries to make similar progress here. 

These extraordinarily devastating fires on the west coast should all the incentive we need to go all-in on renewable energy solutions and working to make this planet more habitable for future generations. 

I yearn for a time when the US once again takes the lead in fighting climate change. 

And we can help make that happen with our votes.