Moving closer and closer to a checkmate. 

Courtesy of CNN:

A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday said the Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives may subpoena President Donald Trump’s bank records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One, dealing another blow to the President’s efforts to block Congress’ effort to obtain his financial records.

“The Committees’ interests in pursuing their constitutional legislative function is a far more significant public interest than whatever public interest inheres in avoiding the risk of a Chief Executive’s distraction arising from disclosure of documents reflecting his private financial transactions,” the court said.

The split decision from the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals is another setback for the White House. Federal appeals courts have ruled House Democrats and a Manhattan grand jury could review Trump’s tax returns from Mazars USA, his longtime accounting firm.

I think the next stop is the Supreme Court. 

Can you even imagine being so worried about people seeing your tax returns that you were willing to fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court? 

Every action that Trump takes indicates that he is terrified that people will see these and learn something that he is desperate that they never learn.