Donald Trump must hate New York right now.

Courtesy of Politico

The de Blasio administration has referred findings from a review of the Trump Organization’s property tax filings to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday morning.

In October, WNYC and ProPublica reported that President Donald Trump’s business portfolio cited lower income from one of its properties — 40 Wall Street — in an appeal of its property tax assessment, but reported higher values on a loan document for the same building.

In October, WNYC reported that President Donald Trump’s business portfolio would cite lower income from its properties when reporting to the Department of Finance, which is in charge of levying property taxes, but would report higher values when speaking with investors.

WNYC’s Ilya Marritz followed up with the mayor during a radio appearance Friday, inquiring if the city had looked into the discrepancies.

“It was looked at, and one of the specific issues within your story — or ProPublica story originally — was referred to the district attorney because there is the possibility of a criminal act having been committed,” de Blasio said.

They mayor did not elaborate on the status of the investigation.

Of course Trump will fight this, likely using taxpayer money to do so, but there is no executive privilege protecting him in a case like this. 

I mentioned to my friend recently that the New York legal system is chewing Donald Trump up like a dog bone. 

If he is actually removed from office we may end up having a New York DA to thank when all is said and done.