Man, Trump is just setting all kinds of new precedents, isn’t he?

Courtesy of NYT:

A New York appeals court on Thursday rejected President Trump’s argument that the Constitution makes him immune from state lawsuits, clearing the way for a defamation suit from a former contestant on “The Apprentice” who has said Mr. Trump groped her.

The five-judge panel in Manhattan ruled that Summer Zervos, who competed on Mr. Trump’s reality game show, could go forward with her lawsuit, which she filed after Mr. Trump said her claims that he had groped and kissed her against her will were lies.

The 3-to-2 ruling upholds a lower-court decision from a year ago that similarly concluded the president could be sued in state court while in office for actions unrelated to his official duties.

“The current sitting president attempts to shield himself from consequences for his alleged unofficial misconduct by relying upon the constitutional protection of the presidency,” Justice Dianne T. Renwick wrote for the majority. “We reject defendant President Trump’s argument.”

Ms. Zervos and nine other women claimed during the presidential campaign in 2016 that Mr. Trump had engaged in sexual misconduct.

Damn, with so much going on I almost forgot about Summer Zervos. 

But clearly, this is not a woman who is going to allow us to ignore her or her case against Trump. 

And if HER case is allowed to move forward, I wonder if that means other victims of his will be filing lawsuits as well?

Boy, that running for president was such a good idea, right?