They should never have been open in the first place. 

Courtesy of the New York Post

Gov. Cuomo and others have suggested that de Blasio could change the threshold used to close schools, but such a shift would almost inevitably lead to push back from the United Federation of Teachers, the union that represents most educators in the city.

Sources said de Blasio’s team was frantically hashing out a decision on school closures Wednesday morning as the mayor delayed his scheduled press conference for hours.

A closure would affect roughly 300,000 students who have been attending some in-person school under the hybrid reopening plan, including many with disabilities who depend on in-person supports and therapy.

The majority of the city’s students are fully remote, though parents had the option earlier this month to opt back into in-person learning.

I have long believed that returning our kids back to in-person learning is ill-advised so long as there are new coronavirus infections cropping up within a community. 

Only after the virus has been tamed and there are relatively few or better yet no new infections would it time to think about placing children inside poorly ventilated classroom settings. 

And now that we may have a vaccine on the way I would even suggest that online-only learning continue until every child can be vaccinated before returning to school. 

Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel it is now more important than ever that we remain patient and let the doctors and scientists do their thing.