Wait, what?

Courtesy of The Independent:

Certain kinds of pasta can be considered a vegetable for millions of public school meals, according to new rules proposed by Donald Trump’s administration.

The new school guidelines released by the US Department of Agriculture last week would allow for more foods like pizza, burgers and french fries to appear on school menus as part of its sweeping revisions of a school lunch program from former First Lady Michelle Obama. Cuts to her signature policy under Barack Obama’s administration — intended to reduce childhood obesity in the US — were announced on her birthday.

Among the changes are allowances for pastas made with potato, soy or other starchy vegetable-based flours to be considered as a vegetable serving.

The rules said: “Pasta made of vegetable flour may credit as a vegetable, even if the pasta is not served with another recognizable vegetable.”

So not only is the Trump Administration trying to kill the planet, but now they are going after school chidren. 

This reminds of the time that the Reagan Administration labeled ketchup a vegetable. 

That was actually a little closer than pasta but they were still mocked incessantly for their lack scientific knowledge. 

With Trump this may actually be the least stupid thing he does this month.