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When movie theaters reopen and everyone can rush back to see Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” the question remains whether or not it’s actually safe to do so? Sure, the large cinema chains have released statements about the precautions they’re taking to ensure the safety of the customers, but there’s no denying that it seems a bit crazy to sit in an enclosed space with a bunch of other people for more than two hours while some wear masks and others don’t (taking them off to eat popcorn and drink sodas). And according to a new study from medical professionals, that seems like a real and warranted fear.

In a new study conducted by the Texas Medical Association, the organization ranked a number of public activities that people can find themselves in right now from “low risk” to “high risk.” And guess where “going to a movie theater” ranked? That’s right, the idea of sitting at a cinema is listed as “high risk,” with an official 8 out of 10 ranking.

The only higher-risk activities, per the study, include going to a concert, going to a sports stadium, attending a large religious service (500+ people), and going to a bar. To further put that into perspective, “going to a shopping mall” only ranks 5 out of 10 (moderate risk) and “traveling by plane” is only 7 out of 10 (moderate-to-high risk). Hell, going to a movie theater is actually more high risk than “hugging or shaking hands when greeting a friend.”

All this to say, it’s definitely not “safe” to attend to a movie theater, no matter what precautions are being taken right now. Sure, cinemas need to make money or they risk going out of business, but it feels as if the decision to reopen is being made by studios and exhibitors and not public health officials.

For me not being able to go to the movies has been one of the most difficult consequences of this pandemic. 

Some of my happiest memories are of taking my daughter to see the new releases in the summer and then spending the rest of the day talking about them. 

She is up here right now and in different circumstances, we would have been hitting the theaters probably once a week at least. 

However having said that there is no movie, play, or concert that is worth risking my life, so if theaters are to remain closed for the rest of my life I will just have to live with it. 

And of course, the keyword is LIVE with it. 

Besides, I have Netflix.