I knew it!

Courtesy of NYT:

The coronavirus may be best known for the brutal toll it has taken on older adults, but a new study of hospital patients challenges the notion that young people are impervious.

The research letter from Harvard found that among 3,222 young adults hospitalized with Covid-19, 88 died — about 2.7 percent. One in five required intensive care, and one in 10 needed a ventilator to assist with breathing.

Among those who survived, 99 patients, or 3 percent, could not be sent home from the hospital and were transferred to facilities for ongoing care or rehabilitation.

The study “establishes that Covid-19 is a life-threatening disease in people of all ages,” wrote Dr. Mitchell Katz, a deputy editor at JAMA Internal Medicine, in an accompanying editorial.

“Social distancing, facial coverings and other approaches to prevent transmission are as important in young adults as in older people,” it said.

The study also determined that factors other than age contributed to the severity of the infection, things like being overweight, having hypertension, and even the patient’s ethnicity. 

Men were also more susceptible to the need for ventilators and death, than were women. 

All in all, it does not appear that age is the main contributing factor to a person’s vulnerability to the virus. 

The study also finds that some people, regardless of their age, are also more susceptible even without any obvious preexisting conditions. 

This means that anybody, and that means anybody, could ultimately get very sick and even die from this disease.